About us

Digital Nomads is an electronic music label based in the Netherlands that focuses on good music. What good music is, is of course subjective… You know it is good if it makes your booty twist and groove. The focus will be psytrance and more techno oriented sounds with a psychedelic twist. The groovy psychedelic twist is an essential ingredient.

Our Story

Floor and Raoul have been involved in the psytrance scene in the Netherlands for quite some time already. Floor has his roots in Leiden. He has organised parties as Cosmic combination, Inner visions and in 2018 he started as Digital Nomads. So the label started out as a party organisation. As a producer, Floor has released tracks as Bionic on Boom! Records and as Ethica. As dj Yucka he played in many countries and on many festivals.

Raoul started in Groningen, organising parties under the name Psynami and Off my trolley. The parties were in the woods, abandoned banks, gardens, industrial buildings and many other exotic locations. Later he moved to Amsterdam where he started organising parties under the name Bleep Bizarre and many other parties  with different friends under different names. As a producer he has released as Supergroover and Nozem.

“All the good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff.”

Frank Zappa

Behind The Scenes