Liveact & dj

Nozem is Raoul Koning from the Netherlands. His studio used to be close to the Vondelpark, a park in the center of Amsterdam that was a meeting place for the counterculture in the 50’s till the 80’s. This gave him the idea to name this psychedelic techno (progressive house, techno, trance or whatever you want to call it) project ‘Nozem’. A nozem was a young rebellious person in the fifties and sixties, kicking against the established order. The Nozem project is also a bit rebellious. It doesn’t have the usual psytrance tempo, the usual techno kick and bass, or the usual trance vibe. It is just a bit different, but packs a lot of dancefloor punch for the tempo.

Style: psychedelic techno (or maybe: slower melodic psytrance with techno influences)
BPM range: 124-132