Ben Rama

The 5th world (Nozem remix)

Ben Rama delivered a dark and brooding techno track with a trance vibe for Techgnosis records in 2020. If a misty mountain meadow from a troll movie ever needed a soundtrack, this is it. And our own Nozem remixed it. He added a punchy kick, rolling bassline and drenched it in some acid, turning it into a stormy steamy swampy dance floor smasher. Mastered by Anti-Logic Mastering.

Mastered by Robert Hundt (Anti-Logic Mastering)

Catalog number: DIGNOMT003


The 5th world (Nozem remix) 126 bpm

About the cover

The stairway to the 5th world. While browsing through the pictures that we made on our earlier cover hunt for the Ethica release, the stairs of the Kronenburg stop on the metro to UnderTow popped up. To make it a bit more surreal the picture was mirrored. We really liked the way all the lines in the picture are playing together. Now it really is a staircase to another world.