Untold stories

File under psytechno. Two new Nozem tracks that combine acid, psytrance and techno. Expect some good old school acid lines on a solid psy bass with a more techno-orientated structure. Oh, and breaks? No, forget about long breaks. These tracks don’t have em.

Mastered by Robert Hundt (Anti-Logic Mastering)

Catalog number: DIGNOMT012


Untold stories 130 bpm
Feed your head 132 bpm

About the cover

The location for this cover is nothing fancy. The building might look like a temple, but it actually is a shopping mall next to the Ajax stadium in Amsterdam. Do you need new furniture? This is the place to go 😉 Even though it is very mundane, the vibe it breathes is rather mysterious. It has a nice blueish mysterious feeling to it, but if you look closer it becomes more and more commonplace.