End of the rainbow

File under: psytechno. With this release Nozem ventures more in the direction of slow progressive psytrance. There is some technoish structure, but it is more hidden than usual. BTTFL has obvious reggea elements giving it a nice summer vibe. It seems some friendly acid goes well with reggea. End of the rainbow pushes a bit more. It has more bite and experimental sounds. The track balances between fluffy and dark, between melodic and experimental.

Mastered by Robert Hundt (Anti-Logic Mastering)

Catalog number: DIGNOMT009


1 BTTRFL 130 bpm
2 End of the rainbow 130 bpm

About the cover

Close to his house, Raoul saw this sad unicorn floating in a ditch. A kid must have lost it. Now the unicorn seemed to be drifting at the end of the rainbow, pondering what life still had in store… Luckily the unicorn was saved and now has a happy spot in the Nozem studio.