El Muro & Nazar

The tricksters

File under: psytechno. El Muro & Nazar are back with a double track EP called the tricksters. Fraud runs at 125 bpm in the direction of more classic techno, but you certainly hear the psytrance influences in the FM stabs and trippy evolving sounds. Stalker runs a little faster: 128 bpm. It has that psytrancey gallop with techno sprinkled on top. Halfway through the track the main melody is introduced, releasing the tension for melody that has been building up! Is it trancy? Is it techno? It is El Muro & Nazar!

Mastered by Cosmic tone (Israel)

Catalog number: DIGNOMT010


1 Fraud 125 bpm
2 Stalker 128 bpm

About the cover

This picture was taken at Landjuweel festival in Ruigoord. Ruigoord is a small enclave of counter culture just outside Amsterdam. It is a safe haven for those that do not want to join the rat race and prefer a less commercial environment. It is a lovely place where many many festivals and parties have been held and are still held. Some examples: Solstice festival, Earthdance, Trance orient express but many other artful ones as well like Vurige tongen, Landjuweel, All is one, Georgies. Too many to name really.
This piece of art (unfortunately we don’t know the artist otherwise we would give the artist credit for creating a great piece of art!) seemed to fit the title of the EP rather well: the tricksters!