El Muro & Nazar

Edge of the abyss (Nozem remix)

File under psytechno. Nozem reworked the amazing track Edge of the abyss from El Muro & Nazar. The end result is a nice progressive technotrance track. It builds up nicely, working towards a 303 crescendo. The entire track has a somehow swampy organic character to it.

Mastered by Robert Hundt (Anti-Logic Mastering)

Catalog number: DIGNOMT011


Edge of the abyss (Nozem remix) 128 bpm

About the cover

The building on this cover is close to the central station in Amsterdam. If you come from the east you will pass it on your way to CS. The building in the dark has a somewhat dark character to it. Maybe not physically on the edge of the abyss, but possibly mentally 😉