One Million Toys


One Million Toys has been on our radar for some time. He has released alot of music already on many labels and rightfully so. OMT delivers! On this EP he treats us on two tracks: Bloom and Pathways. Bloom is a melodic technoid trancy track that pushes you forward. The lead melody lays down the entire journey for this one. Pathways is a bit bolder. A bit tougher. A dirty lead. A lovely drop. Plenty of atmosphere. Who said lower bpms could pack some punch? This just grooves and moves. Where is that dusty dancefloor? This track needs to be played!

Mastered by Robert Hundt (Anti-Logic Mastering)

Catalog number: DIGNOMT002


1 Bloom 125 bpm
2 Pathways 125 bpm

About the cover

Ohara from OMT is one of those songs that have been on repeat on the stereo for a while. So we were happy to have OMT on board for an EP. One of the tracks is called Bloom. Which seemed fitting for a starting label. During that time Raoul went out strolling through the forest, as you do, with Tomas van der Weijden, a great photographer! Put his name in any search engine and you’ ll find some of his amazing shots. When looking for a picture for the cover art of Bloom Tomas came up with the photograph of the flower, which seemed like a perfect fit.