The EP I-magine-nation explores the borders of techno and trancy vibes with a psychedelic twist. I-magine-nation starts off with a melodic trickster bending your mind about the sunset illusion. It leaves you spinning a thousand miles an hour. Envision continues with looking into the future by looking at the past. Jim is laying out the trippy electronic cards of the future in a bit more laid back groovy sauce. Stuff to dance to in the summer sun. Shuttle 7 then, continues with a bit more heavy vibe. Trancy melodies buckled up and ready to go to the moon. Enjoy the ride!

Mastered by Robert Hundt (Anti-Logic Mastering)

Catalog number: DIGNOMT001


1 I-magine-nation 130 bpm
2 Envision 130 bpm
3 Shuttle 7 130 bpm

About the cover

While talking about starting a label we talked about many things. One of the things we talked about was tying many things that a label does together. Of course the tracks had to say something about our taste and lives. But also the label art and style had to relate to what we love, do and what we want to radiate to our surroundings. Since we are both fond of the art and colours of the seventies, you will see the hippie colours in the artwork. So.. the I-magine-nation EP starts off with a lot of orange and black. And maybe not very clearly, but you are looking through the windows of a train. The train being the obvious vehicle to connect the cities where we live and allowing us to work on the label. The name I-magine-nation comes from the sample on the first track. It is some hippie guy at a festival saying: you are living in the greatest nation on the face of this earth called I-magine-nation. Whooheee! Which seemed quite fitting with our own imagination to start our own label!