On Pentapod Nozem takes a journey into an alien technoid landscape. A mysterious world based on a psytrance feel filled with technoish percussion and sounds. You can easily imagine the alien insectoids walking around. Pentapod opens with a strong percussive track. Trippy fx and leads that roam the surface of a distant planet. Techno tapas is a journey to the alien tripod jungle. It is the twilight zone where daylight monkeys introduce the night with their calls. In Lorre the aliens take control over the 303. They deliver a spacious track with an analog feel going from laid back to driving dancefloor frenzy.

Mastered by Robert Hundt (Anti-Logic Mastering)

Catalog number: DIGNOMT005


1 Pentapod 130 bpm
2 Techno tapas 130 bpm
3 Lorre 132 bpm

About the cover

This is just a random parking garage in Leiden. But it looks more like a transport hub for a spaceship to us. It oozes an otherworldly something. This is the place where you enter to board the shuttle to the moon.