AI Radio

The fourth technoish release on Digital Nomads is from UnderTow. He explores the lower BPM technoistic landscape with this floaty percussive melodic techno track that takes you on a mesmerizing journey. A slow groover with a firm drive and a sci-fi feel. Label boss Nozem dipped it in his distinctive gritty Nozem sauce pushing it in the direction of psytrance territory. Tune in to AI Radio and enjoy the ride! Mastered by UnderTow.

Mastered by UnderTow

Catalog number: DIGNOMT004


1 AI Radio 125 bpm
2 AI Radio (Nozem remix) 128 bpm

About the cover

When our friend UnderTow said the name of the track that he had made was AI Radio, it was clear what the cover should be: Radio Kootwijk on the Veluwe. It is an iconic building in the history of communication in the Netherlands. They started in 1923 with telegraphy. It is a really nice building that fits nicely into the cover style that we were looking for. Just a bit of colouring and.. done. Maybe not artificial. But definitely radio!