Dynamic Void & Supergroover


Dynamic Void and Supergroover venture into the lands of the retro sound together. Rafelrand and Fire both have a retro vibe to them, but with a modern sound quality. Rafelrand is a melodic energetic track with acidic edges. No time for long breaks, we gotta keep going! Friendly dance floor vibes. Fire is filled with atmospheric sounds oozing through your ears. The acid dripping through your speakers makes you long for those sunny afternoon festival summer days… Enjoy your caipirinha! Ethica reworked Fire into a more contemporary full on track with a lovely metallic lead pulling you through the track, while using the original sounds mostly for the atmosphere. Full of energy just as the other tracks on the EP.

Mastered by TRK mastering

Catalog number: DIGNOMP003

Photo: Jasper


1 Rafelrand 140 bpm
2 Fire 140 bpm
3 Fire (Ethica remix) 140 bpm

About the cover

Rafelrand is a loose thread on a piece of clothing. But it is also the fringe of society. The places where you’ll find the freaks, the non-commercial artists, the people that don’t want to live a 9-5 job. The building in the picture is ADM. ADM is one of the most well known rafelranden of Amsterdam. The festival Robodock has been there several times and many other events and parties were held at ADM. It is a place that many people in the fringe of society were fond of. Unfortunately it does not exist anymore.