Cascading synapse

With his second release on Digital Nomads Records, UnderTow shows us he is at home with many genres, Full-On being his favourite. With only a short break, this track doesn’t give much time to take a breath. A pounding groove, sounds relentlessly flying around and a focused energy will keep you dancing. I’m not sure if my synapses are cascading, but the sounds in this track surely are. This is not the time to go to the bar for a drink. Cascading Synapse is another dance floor stomper from UnderTow!

Mastered by UnderTow

Catalog number: DIGNOMP004


Cascading synapse 143 bpm

About the cover

The building you see here is the Gashouder. It is an iconic building in Amsterdam West. Many many parties have been held here. Mostly techno, but also some psytrance (Earth Dance). It is a beautiful building inside, but the acoustics are a b…h because it is round. Still.. A great place to party.