Patchbay & Ninad


File under: psytrance. Patchbay and Ninad are heading into full on territory here. They have constructed a solid chunky base with plenty of sprinkles on top. This cookie starts lush and colourful but is evolving into an acidic space cake. Proper Brazilian psychedelic trance.

Mastered by: Stryker

Catalog number: DIGNOMP007


1 Fraud 125 bpm
2 Stalker 128 bpm

About the cover

The object in this cover is a dome theatre in Groningen, a city in the North of the Netherlands. Groningen has played a big part in the psytrance history in the Netherlands. The main reason was that Boom records was located in Groningen. Boom records was an pretty big label where several famous artists started their career: Logic bomb, Hux flux, Vibrasphere, Fractal glider and Braincell.