Out of this world

Ethica are Flip van Hagen and Floor van der Bijl from the Netherlands. They produce melodic fullonish psytrance ranging from 140 to 145 bpm. For this release they decided to go towards a more progressive track with a lower bpm,137 to be exact. In this track they are exploring a groovier side of their creativity. The track goes from melancholy to harder scruffy vibes and back again. Out of this world is a new school track with an old school vibe to it. Ethica doesn’t succumb to the compulsory full on bass lines, but keeps it melodic and funky. It is their second release, but we are confident they have a lot more interesting music coming!

Mastered by TRK mastering.

Catalog number: DIGNOMP002


Out of this world 137 bpm

About the cover

Before we even started the label Floor had already taken many photographs of places that were ready-made album covers. They were photos from large travel hubs or industrial places. This one is taken at Amsterdam Central Station. Not much has been done with the picture except some coloring. You will see more pictures of train stations on future releases! Amsterdam is the hometown for the label, so it is only fitting to have it on a cover at least once. Walking around looking at the architecture you can see so many more covers…