Pixel funk

Dirty. That might be a good way to describe this EP. No polished shiny discoballs, but dirt! Funky psytrance basslines with techno flavour. This is a technosounding industrial minded sidestep to the usually more progressive or full on sound of Supergroover. The first track dives head first into a box of psychedelic pixels. Where is my glitch at? is a tad lighter but still brings a brooding and pushing atmosphere. Recommended listening with bass on 11!

Mastered by Robert Hundt (Anti-Logic Mastering)

Catalog number: DIGNOMP001


1 Pixel funk 135 bpm
2 Where is my glitch at 138 bpm

About the cover

The cover photo is taken from the train from Leiden to Amsterdam. When we were starting the label we traveled back and forth a lot between Leiden and Amsterdam. During one of those trips Floor shot a picture from the buildings he passed. Because windows look like pixels from a distance we thought it would be fitting. We just added some extra pixels to spice it up.